About Us

New Generation is an exclusive importer and wholesaler of premium wines, champagnes, & spirits.  Our portfolio consists of bottles with an edge, that stand out from the crowd, challenge perceptions and which are made by inspirational people, forward thinkers, pioneers, that is to say New Generation.

Our range seamlessly combines family owned boutique organic and biodynamic producers with some of the best known names in the wine world. We work with a dedicated group of winemakers and distillers whose common goal is to produce handcrafted bottles which are individual, authentic and a true expression of their origin. All our products are bottled in the region in which they are produced, supporting local communities, protecting local jobs and ensuring we offer our customers the highest quality products with minimal interference.

We are committed to providing exceptional customer service, offering fast and effective delivery and fair and competitive pricing. Our aim is to support your business in any way in which we can to ensure a mutually enjoyable and productive working relationship. If you would like further information on the wines, champagnes and spirits we supply then please contact us on london@newgenwines.com or email one of our team.